Visit to Big Run (Preston Co., W.V.)

I’d been wanting to visit this place for a long time and it was a must for completing the book. However, it’s location was not so easy and I was hoping for a guide. Fortunately, Mr. Charles Cropp agreed to guide us down into the nether regions of Preston Co. to visit this majestic falls. Accompanied by my good friend Jim Kearns, we headed out on Saturday morning, October 9 and it was raining. First time in awhile and I was happy about that, hoping the trip would be worthwhile as for water flow. It wasn’t the best, as it’s been quite dry here for awhile, but as you can tell by the images, it wasn’t a total fail and I’m glad to have these images, as I may never be able to go here again, though it will remain on my list, if only for better water.

Once we left the interstate it was paved for awhile but soon turned to gravel and dirt and not the kind of road for moms sedan. We parked at about the last available spot on the side of the road, before it becomes mostly impassable for anything other than high clearance 4WD. It was about 1.5 miles downhill to the fork in the trail where we would deviate to find the creek. At about 1/4 mile from the parking spot, I saw why Charles recommended that I leave my truck and walk. There is a culvert that is washed out. It was my opinion that I could probably have maneuvered the entire length of the road all the way to the fork, but I would have probably been mad at myself for scratching up my new paint, so glad I walked. It wasn’t that bad anyway.

It was somewhat unclear where to leave the trail and this is where Charles’s presence really paid off, as we bushwhacked off the trail down into the creek bed. I suppose during higher water flow it might have been more obvious, but this day I could not hear the water or see anything but hard going downhill.

We finally reached the creek and walked up stream and I saw why this waterfall is among the honored. It’s about 50-60 ft. high and quite a looker in my book.

Moving back up toward the trail, there are two extremely huge boulders. Walking up between them toward the falls yields a more straight on view of this waterfall. However, I think I prefer the view from the right side, as above.

There’s another image by Charles Cropp (which shows the falls with more water) on my website. There are also directions, if for some reason you decide to attempt a visit. Just go here.

We also visited a waterfall site in St. Marys and also a place called The Jug. St. Marys was basically dry and The Jug was bone dry, but they were essential visits and glad they got done, being a bit out of the way. If you want to see what they look like and directions, follow these links.

St. Marys

The Jug