Two days in W. Virginia. Low Flow in Laurel Creek and Everywhere Else Too.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, the low flow that is. Anne Hoffman and I had a very hot and sweaty but rewarding day in the 93º heat rappelling into Laurel Creek to catch a few shots of some of the nicest falls West Virginia has to offer. Laurel Creek is located along Beckwith Rd. (WV 16), just outside of Fayetteville, W.V. and the temperature in front of the falls is like 10º – 15º cooler, and welcome for sure.

Naturally, they are a different animal under max flow. I would never be able to approach this waterfall, as we did today, under heavy flow conditions, and I normally shoot it from farther down stream. Today was actually kind of fun and interesting, being able to get right up close and personal with this waterfall. Here’s an example of higher flow.

Other falls along Laurel Creek include the following.

This is at the top of the creek.
Next from the top.
Then this.
…and this,
….and this.

We also went to Sandstone Falls. This river wide waterfall provides an extensive variety of shooting and fishing locations.

Brush Creek was an easy diversion on the way home and well worth the stop. Might have been low flow, but this falls never looked better.

Friday morning brought us to Dunloup Creek and Thurmond on our way home. Another place that rarely disappoints. That’s my friend, Anne, shooting the creek shot above these upper falls.

Down in Thurmond we managed to squeeze in a visit just before a big thunderstorm hit after a long empty coal train passed through.