It’s a GMIC Thing

Ever since Fractilius decided that they were no longer honoring my paid copy of their software (i.e., it no longer works with Photoshop), I just quit using it. However, some of my friends still use it and post images from it. So, recently, I decided to see what the open source community might be offering in this realm of surreal photo editing.

G’MIC (GrayC’s Magic for Image Computing) is a plugin for GIMP. GIMP is the open source answer to Photoshop, and is a very capable program. Along with RawTherapee, which reads my Nikon RAW files just fine, I can now have some of the same capabilities as the old Fractilius program offered, though, I have to say, it doesn’t quite work the same and also, to it’s benefit, offers a whole bunch more filters with which to play. So, now, I can make all these crazy looking images again.

Here are a couple I’ve been messing with lately. I’m not crazy about the white halo’s, but overall, kind of interesting.