PrintCoverwebcopyThe book "West Virginia Waterfalls" is a directory of waterfalls, with directions and GPS coordinates for over 200 waterfalls in the state of West Virginia.  It is now available for purchase on, but you can get it here for less.

After more than six years of traveling and compiling information, I have finished my book "West Virginia Waterfalls".  It is 134 pages, with 137 color images, and is a directory for over 200 waterfalls in the state of West Virginia.

Each waterfall listing is accompanied by directions and GPS coordinates, as well as whatever information I might have compiled about the specific spot or area and it's accessibility.  The book is divided into seven different regions, some with subheadings for different specific areas of interest within those regions.  There is a short section in the back about photographing waterfalls and some suggestions on recommended gear, that will help you be prepared for your adventures.

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